A term used to describe when you first wake up, you realize you have nothing to do that day, and you decide to stay ugly because you're to lazy to get pretty. You determine that no one is going to see you today so you don't get dressed, brush your hair, or anything else to make yourself look better. When you wake up and say "Fuck it, I'm gonna be fugly today".
When Brad woke up and realized he had 2 days off in a row he said to himself "I have nothing to do, I'm just gonna fug it, put on pj pants, and Netflix DR.Who."
by ToadSparx July 06, 2011
Top Definition
another phrase for "fuck it". when you are not mad enough to say fuck it or when you just dont give a fuck. idgaf, FUG IT.
oh shit, my hooker girlfriend just bitch slapped me!!! ima let her pimp slap my ass next time, fug it.
by chad bro master October 09, 2011
whatever; i don't care; who cares
"Dude, I think I still owe you a buck from the other night."
"Ahh... fugit."
by frye January 03, 2006
Old enough to know better to young too care fuck it
"You were so drunk last night that you had sex with ken and barbie"

by efoley November 22, 2007
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