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Your body is the Jet, the fuel is booze.
Person 1: You ready to go fuel the jet? We have two handles and a keg.

by holdmuhdiiiiiiiiick January 26, 2011
A verb used while confronted with a very stressful situation or an NDE in order to plan a safe escape/evacuation.

"Cover me while I get the package! Fuel the Jet!"
by LeChango July 19, 2009
A common phrase used by jet setters and those adhering to a certain upper class life style, Fuel The Jet refers to stylishly escaping from the day-to-day work life often to lavish locations and events.
Randolph: Did you hear that Ralph Winston Vanderbilt III just short sold half the stocks on the Asian market resulting in a $4.7 billion profit.

Willis: Great Scott! I hadn't heard. Let's Fuel The Jet good chap and head of to the Riviera this weekend in celebration.
by The Power That Is October 14, 2011
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