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a very stupid person is sometimes known as a "fuckwitt"
oi you ya baw-bag ill fucking take the air right out you you cummy fuckwitt , ill fucking rip u shreding man.
by poofta May 27, 2007
16 5
An extremely stupid person that should be killed at once.
Mrs. Long is such a fuckwitt!
by Anonymous October 29, 2003
65 22
A Person who drives a Car equiped with a Sound System which only has a Bass Channel and cannot be attenuated to less than 80db. Not particularly visible with Hardtops but the Roof of Cabrios with the Top up pulsates to the 'Beat'
To be stuck in a Traffic Jam is bad enough but to be stuck in front of a Fuckwitt takes the Biscuit
by Nick August 16, 2004
24 13
A stupid person who happens to be a skank.
Meghan is such a fuckwitt!
by meghan February 16, 2005
13 17