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A lower-tier superhero who creates a powerful windstorm by fucking. Also known for cracking wise in a Cockney accent.
Voluptuous '50s Female Archetype: Oh, this heat is giving me the vapors. A nice breeze would really cool me down.
Fuckwind: Did somebody say...Fuckwind?

Little Billy: That fire's gonna burn down Daddy's barn! And ol' Mabel's trapped in her stall! Darn if there wasn't somethin' I could do to help!
Fuckwind: Well Billy, there's something WE could do...
by the bore worms June 27, 2011
A person living life with no purpose and taking intense pleasure in doing stupid things.
We are such fuckwinds.
Look at those fuckwinds.
Man, he is such a fuckwind.
Oh my God, what a fuckwind.
by selezovikj October 20, 2008
An especially dire situation/series of events.
The party was fun, but then some sort of crazy fuckwind blew through, and it all went downhill.
by DuranGrey May 05, 2011
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