the act of slapping one's sexual partner with your cock. an alternative to dickslapping, most often with cock covered in vaginal or anal secretions
I fuckslapped her with my dick till she opened up
by vojtart April 12, 2006
Top Definition
(n.)One who you dislike enough to maliciously slap while engaging in intercourse, yet like enough to engage in intercourse with.

(v.) The act of slapping someone who your are engaged in intercourse with, for doijng something incredibly stupid in bed.
You're having sex...*insert various sounds of intercourse hear...he/she does something like biting, or inserting anything into somewhere it shouldn't be, and you slap the shit out of them, only to continue intercourse, then leave and never talk to them, that person, is a fuckslap(n.), what you did to them, is fuckslap(v.) them.
by Bennyfizzle August 05, 2005
When you stop during sex and slap your partner primarily in the genitalia.
Go on fuck slap me baby!
by Piss Cheeser August 24, 2009
When a couple stops during sexual interactions to spit on eAchothers hands then proceeds to slap eachothers private parts.
Last night me and maria used a good fuck slap to wake are sexual experience, it's was extremely weird I have to admit.
by Adam berrizzle February 02, 2009
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