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An easier way to say "Fuck off and die". Created especially for intelligent people, in effort to make scolding one of the many surrounding fucktards (see "fuctard" in Urban Dictionary) a tad bit less tiring. The funtional difference being less syllables to pronounce therefore saving precious breath that could be used more productively, especially in the presence of the above forementioned fucktards that require such a statement in the multitude and at a frequency greater than every 30 minutes or less.
Dick: Hey Harry can I borrow your phone to call my wife?
Harry: But you just got off of my phone talking to your wife didnt you? Ask Tom if you can borrow his.
5 min later:
Dick: Harry is it ok if I borrow your phone to call my wife?
Harry: Fuckoffdie!

Repeated all over again every 15 min.
by OOV August 24, 2009
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