The mode of action the Brain Fuckler uses to cause befuddlement in the minds of its unwilling victims.
Sometimes, if I'm fast enough, I catch a glimpse of the Brain Fuckler, just fuckling the shit out of everyone... and we don't even know it.
by V+D November 09, 2009
1) A condescending manner in which to describe an individual who is highly irritating and relatively unintelligent.

2) An individual who has developed little to no skill in the art of fucking.
Go bother someone else you little fuckling!

I hooked up with that guy once. He is a fuckling to say the least, don't waste your time...even if it is only five minutes.
by Kelsey Powers April 26, 2010
Fuckling (n)(fUH-kling): 1.An infant; little.
Damn, that dick is as tiny as a fuckling.
by ben dover stacy November 14, 2007
The on going fuckle.
All women love a good fuckling before sex. FBF (Fuckle Before Fuck)
by Ashley Joseph March 22, 2007
Fuck+ (suffix)-ling
Duckling- A SMALL duck

Use of the adverb "Fucking" but used for the smaller, or more minor class, thus "Fuckling"
That fuckling 6 year old down the street just took a shit in my garden again!
by shane June 09, 2004
an annoying little midget git
muhfuck dat muhfucking fuckling of muhfuckness
by Y da fuck u wanna know? February 27, 2005
Derogatory term for a scared little mousey girl who is continuously fucking that kid, you know his name, but pretending they only "hung out once"
"April is such a fuckling. You know she's boning that chinese doucher"
by you know March 23, 2004

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