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26 definitions by mickey brown

Used in a satirical statement when somebody is treating you like a child.

see gee willicers
"Golly Gee mom! Dont hit me with the hose! I's neva says a bad word again!"
by mickey brown February 21, 2007
47 19
A suposed gangsta who is very fashionable and stylish, and has probably never partook in any actually gang related activities.
"You aint no gangsta, but you is swanksta dawg."
by mickey brown February 15, 2007
35 7
1)a slut,whore,or skank
2)the bitch of a faggot relationship.
3)your girlfriends vagina
Guy1, "dude you coming to the gym today?"

Guy2, "No I've got to take my skeet box out to eat."
by mickey brown March 08, 2007
30 12
fuckl is a common typo with a keyboard, and is used to make fun of newbs in pc games.
"oh really? fuckl you newb!"
by mickey brown February 15, 2007
24 11
a reference to current conflict in the world, when a parent or sibling tells a child that they will be taken to the middle east, it is like telling them they will be sold into slavery or the boogie man will get them. Usually ment to scare them into doing something.
"If you dont brush your teeth the bad man will take you to the middle east!"

by Mickey Brown March 05, 2007
17 6
When one or more groups of wikinerds engage in battles over the content of an article in wikipedia. The conflict is usually over oposite interpretations of some concept.
The wikiwar raged for months. Neither side was dominant. Finaly, a third party locked the article from further editing. The wikiwar ended...for now.
by Mickey Brown February 08, 2007
13 3
(n) your e-dentity is your identity on the internet.
"dude fred, whats your e-dentity on urban dictionary?"

by mickey brown March 05, 2007
12 3