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It is the combination of the words "fuck" and "cha" to create the epic word "fuckcha." It can be used as an exclimation of joy, a word of approval, or just as a random word.
(Dude one) "hey dude, do you like that new song I showed you?"
(Dude two) "Fuckcha man, that was epic!"

(Dude one) "Bro!! I just got some Warped Tour Tickets!! We're going to Warped Tour!!!!!
(Dude two) "FUCKCHA!!!!!!!!!!!"

(Dude one) "hey man, what was the homework?"

(Dude two) "Fuckcha."

(Dude one): "what?"

(Dude two): I don't fucking know. do you really expect me to do homework?"
by Drum Whore November 07, 2010
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