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When something goes your way. Significant, sudden, good fortune.
Announcer: "Three strippers, a clown, and a kangaroo are waiting for you at the front door."
You: "Fuck yeah!"
by filmmaker January 08, 2003
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Basically this means the same as "Yeah!" using the word 'Fuck' to emphasize the action.
Dude 1: Dude, I just scored a huge bag of weed!

Dude 2: Fuck yeah!!
by d3crypt August 07, 2005
a word one uses after a long night of four lokos and beerpong to annouce thier excitement.
by lokolexi October 01, 2010
Originated from the common internet meme "FUCK YEA" that was created on FunnyJunk. This meme is used at the end of comics and some people use it to express their happiness when something goes unbelievably right.
"Dude, I got an A on the exam and I didn't even look at the chapter, FUCK YEAH!"
by AMVPlaya April 06, 2010
used to express great success and/or happiness AKA SEXYTIME
Monica- " Sooo.. did u end up getting some action last night? "

Breanna- "Well, FUCK YEAH!! We went ALlllllll the way to EIGHTEENTH base!"
by Borattt May 02, 2008
worn on t-shirts by a popular rave/club DJ crew who are know for representing great DJs who play great electronic music from trance to electro house keeping energy and moods high
those guys are fuck yeah
this party needs more fuck yeah
on your mark! get set! fuck yeah!
by DJneo March 06, 2010
Exclamation used during sex, typically uttered by a bottom guy while he is getting fucked (on his back for instance) whilst looking at the top guy as a way of expressing appreciation and encouragement.
May also be used by the top addressing the bottom as a reciprocal expression of appreciation and encouragement.
Also any expression of appreciation, encouragement, and agreement, i.e. sexually.
More typically gay than straight.
"Fuck yeah"

"Fuck yeah"

"Fuck yeah"
by Drumpointer January 24, 2007

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