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Fuck the Pain Away is a 1994 comedy film, written by John Hughes and produced by Richard Vane and John Hughes, and directed by Patrick Read Johnson. The film stars twins Adam Robert Worton and Jacob Joseph Worton as the part of Baby Bink. The plot centers around Baby Bink's capture by three amateur kidnappers, escape, and adventure through the city while pursued by the three kidnappers who turn out to be the only ones who can physically see Bink, as well as anyone else connected to him.
I just watched the Plinkett review for Fuck the Pain Away. Shit was so cash.
by Michael Douglas Jr. May 10, 2011
song by artist , Peaches, on the cd, "teaches of peaches"
suckin on my titties like you wanted me callin me all the time like blondie check out my crissy behind its fine all of the time like sex on the beaches, what else is in the teaches of peaches huh what? fuckthepainaway
by brywreck July 19, 2006
To rid pain by engaging in violent intercourse, going from pain to pleasure.
Joe: AHH! FUCK, i just cut my bloody finga'
Andrea: Ohh poor bitch...
Joe: FUCK YE!, (grabs Andrea and rips off her clothes)
Andrea: Ohh yes FUCK THE PAIN AWAY!
by Par-Par November 26, 2008
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