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The accidental blank and/or obscene texts sent while in the middle of some form of sexual activities
I was talking to my friend before my girlfriend came in the room and in the midst of intercourse i sent several blank texts. After the sex was over, I apologized gingerly for the fuck texts.
by EnzoC November 27, 2010
An extreme version of "sexting" where the receiver of the text is met with the most graphic of sexual imagery, including penetration, cumshots and buggery.
Guy #1: "Are you sexting with that girl from the club last night?"

Guy #2: "Sexting? Nah, she's sending me pictures of her using a butt plug and squirting while deep throating a dildo."

Guy #1: Wow, you just met her and you're already fucktexting?"
by RubberChickenFucker February 12, 2010
To Text an old Flame, While you are fucking someone else.

Or Texting a current girlfriend, While fucking another girl.

You can be the recipient of a fuck text.

Get fuck-texted on.
I was banging Tracey last night and I deceided to Fuck-Text Dawn.
by Immature922 May 15, 2009
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