Someone who is a complete tool or dickhead.
That guy is such a fuck nugget.
by ChelseaaaJaneee September 17, 2009
See dammit, shit, or fuck.
Oh no, I'm late! Aww fucknuggets!
by TheDDRAddict May 07, 2007
An exclamation of rage or surprise.
Willy: "Dad canceled your porn sunscription."

Wally: "Fucknuggets!"
by master_of_bait January 13, 2009
Generic insult. Can be used casually or with malice, works best when describing fat people.
"That dumb fucknugget eats at McDonalds three times a day, then wonders why he's a grotesquely obese fucknugget"
by Lord Henry March 08, 2003
Instead of saying shit, when angry, say fucknuggets, just an expression when mad.
Oh, fucknuggets, i forgot my thong at that guy"s house.
by Newell Dorido February 20, 2009
A Real Dumbass Bitch
Kelly: Have you seen that New kid in school ?
Lorenzo : Yeah I heard He's a Real Fuck Nugget!
by Integra96 November 09, 2010
a moronic, obnoxious jerk, (male or female) who is not worthy enough of being a full fuck-tard, yet still is a stupid fuck. just as half-pint is only half of a pint, a fucknugget is only partially human.; also, anyone who is only worth a nugget of your time.
"wow john, he's not even a full fledged asshole, t-bone's only a fuck nugget"
by Scaith November 14, 2007

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