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Someon who is acting stupid or standing out just go get attention.
Retard: hey guys you wanna see my pokemon cards
Me: shut up no one cares you fuck nugget.
by greggyghettocooch January 22, 2008
12 23
Someone who is a complete tool or dickhead.
That guy is such a fuck nugget.
by ChelseaaaJaneee September 17, 2009
49 27
See dammit, shit, or fuck.
Oh no, I'm late! Aww fucknuggets!
by TheDDRAddict May 07, 2007
33 12
An exclamation of rage or surprise.
Willy: "Dad canceled your porn sunscription."

Wally: "Fucknuggets!"
by master_of_bait January 13, 2009
21 11
Generic insult. Can be used casually or with malice, works best when describing fat people.
"That dumb fucknugget eats at McDonalds three times a day, then wonders why he's a grotesquely obese fucknugget"
by Lord Henry March 08, 2003
41 33
A Real Dumbass Bitch
Kelly: Have you seen that New kid in school ?
Lorenzo : Yeah I heard He's a Real Fuck Nugget!
by Integra96 November 09, 2010
9 4
Instead of saying shit, when angry, say fucknuggets, just an expression when mad.
Oh, fucknuggets, i forgot my thong at that guy"s house.
by Newell Dorido February 20, 2009
9 4
A hardened ball of male excretion produced usually a few hours after an improper ejaculation, one usually needs to see a physician after producing a fuck-nugget, as it is extremely difficult to expell from the penis.
Person 1: "Did you hear about John? He claims to have gotten a fucknugget!"
Person 2: "Oh my god, I hope he's okay!"
by mustang-wolf December 02, 2012
6 3