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A blanket or cloth, used to wipe off the sweat and bodily fluids off of 2 or more people after sex.
Hey Brad! Dont use that towel to dry your hair man! That is mine and your sisters fuck blanket!

When me and Brad tag-teamed your mom, we greased her up so bad she needed a fuck blanket afterwards.
by LiquidHat March 27, 2010
Someone you settle for so that you are warm and sexually satisfied throughout the winter months.
I need someone I don't have to worry about to be my fuck blanket this January.
by Lemon Pippin November 29, 2011
An interjection, like "fuck!" used when emphasizing how bad something is; derived from "blanket statement," as in "fuck it all."

A person who brings everybody the fuck down, like some kind of "wet blanket."

A blanket on which one fucks.
"There's impetigo on my balls AND my face...FUCKBLANKET!"

"Can't that shithead stop talking about his stupid fucking impetigo problems while we're trying to fucking eat? What a fuckblanket that guy is."

"It turns out I contracted impetigo from using my roommates' fuckblanket as a towel."
by Faceliftktch May 07, 2009
woman who is solely there for sexual gratification
Jonathon shagged his "Fuck Blanket" tonight, the asian biatch!
by Jonny Bellman March 08, 2008

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