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The woman positions herself where she is grabbing the back of her knees, forming a ball; all three holes ( vaginal, anal, and oral) are all "lined up". Proceed to switch off fucking all three.
Damn that slutty ass bitch let me fuckball her till she got motion sickness!
by sub-culture Mike July 21, 2006
20 22
A expression of pain or anger
FUCK BALLS!!! I stubed my toe.
by SamusFox March 31, 2003
165 41
An "interesting" and unusual insult to someone you really hate.
"Fuck you, fuckball." Ray Barboni / Ray Bones (Dennis Farina) in Get Shorty (1995)
by solid_119 June 13, 2006
137 41
A total wanker
"Dude, Dave is such a total fuckball"
"For real, he is NOT all the way live"
by Ryboflavin March 06, 2003
67 19
A phrase usually uttered under one's breath when they really don't feel like doing something or things didn't go as planned.
1. "Fuck balls I gotta go to a stupid ass wedding next weekend."

2. "I can't believe it's monday already. fuck balls!"
by HUAH July 04, 2009
46 12
an asshole or someone you extremely dislike
you fuckin fuckball bastard
by sam defrezz March 03, 2005
52 25
Fuck Ball: A group of men and or wemon naked on the floor fucking like rabbits.
I got stuck in this huge fuck ball over at angel's house.
by Ian d May 21, 2005
75 53
Someone or something that is so fucked up beyond all recognition that it is akin to trying to fuck ones balls.
Jeff: oh shit!! I just got pwned!! You are such a fuckballs Stuart!!

Stuart: Yeah bitch, take my pwning like a man, you fucking fuckballs cunt.
by greg83 February 24, 2008
58 37