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A expression of pain or anger
FUCK BALLS!!! I stubed my toe.
by SamusFox March 31, 2003
A line of poo across the upper lip
A shit stash would look good on you
by SamusFox March 31, 2003
A nut which hangs upon the cock
Brian has huge cock nuts
by SamusFox March 31, 2003
A person who will follow you around and anal fuck your childern when you go to the bathroom.
dude, get that mpdrum95 before he fucks that kid on the stool.
by samusfox January 05, 2005
To stick your two middle fingers in a vagina and move them back and forth.
I want to snug julie's vagina so bad.
by samusfox February 27, 2005

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