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Another name for an Apple Computer. Often derogatory, used when the computer is not working correctly or is incompatible with some software. Derived from the original name for Apples, (Macintosh)
"What kind of computer did you buy?"
"A Fuck'intosh."
by Kiyotaka September 26, 2007
It is meant to be mainly a PC which has FreeBSD (a powerfull UNIX flavour) installed.

After being customized and conveniently configured (i.e. after having been fucked for a while), it

gets fast and stable like a beast and NEVER breaks down. As opposed to the macintosh or

hackintosh (the gays' dream), this one usually doesn't run a bloated GUI such as KDE or GNOME,

because it needs to run fast and scare newbies away. The option for a GUI must be a lightweight

and fast window manager like WindowMaker or Fluxbox.
My fuckintosh runs stable and fast.

I just laugh at Windows users and Mac fanboys.
by fbsd November 28, 2009
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