A strange English expression of resignation. I don't know the etymology, though. It really is quite bizarre.
"Aw, fuck this for a game of soldiers!"
by Bal-Sagoth July 02, 2004
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Historically soldiers were notorious for becoming engaged in silly and most times (e.g. the game of the "bisquit") non-sense games to kill the time, practice that over time gave them a poorly credible connotation and stereotype. Hence this old fashioned colloquialism (the original version was Sod this for a game of soldiers) compares the foolishness of a certain action/thing with that of "a game of soldiers"
Man 1: Hey Jim lets swallow as much bleach as possible, just to feel what it feels like.

Man 2:You must have gone bonkers, fuck this for a game of soldiers!
by Jonk May 26, 2008
English phrase in an undesirable situation often used in resignation or denial. Translates as the American goddammit or fuck this. Common in Belfast as "game of soldiers" but in England is interchangeable with "Bugger this for a lark".
Ed:Let's set fire to the toilet!
Ian:Fuck off!
Ed:Go on! No one'll know.
Ian:Fuck this for a game of soldiers.
by Matthew The Greater December 14, 2007
A term used by a peson meaning that in no uncertain terms would they do whatever the task in hand might be!
man1... im gonna stick this red hot poker up my arse!!!
man2... yeah man! me too!!!

man3... fuck this for a game of soldiers!
by redmary August 09, 2006

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