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Where as a demonstration against something men and women occupy a room in a building and have an orgy that is public sex that only stops when there demands are met. They often chain themselves to something to make it hard for the police ect. to drag them off.
Did you hear about that fuck in they had at our school to day?
by Deep blue 2012 December 22, 2009
6 3
A stall tactic used like "uhh" usually when someone who is high and can't think of the correct word to say.
Fuckin, I don't know bro.
by Chipeto November 17, 2003
322 118
another way of sayin "uhh"
fuckin..that guy is hella stupid
by leroy brown February 22, 2004
207 107
A "word" which can be as either a adjective or a verb. In the trades industry (construction workers, electricians, carpentry, etc.), it is a word that is required to be included at least once in every sentence.
Where is my "fuckin'” Hammer? Another example: where are the "fuckin'” welding rods?
by Panchoman Jr. December 23, 2006
58 34
when you are trying to think and you are a little slow
'Sean: Who Won the battle of Waterloo, Spencer?
Spencer: Uhhhh, Fuckin'.......Canada
and thats how they failed'
by Spencer Galvin June 14, 2007
42 24
Fuckin's are the viscous by product of fucking that typically run down the crack of the female’s ass or snooch (depending of course on whether she is facing up or down). Fuckin’s are sometimes consumed by absent minded males who perform cunnilingus on a female in which he has already busted a ferocious nut. This act is known as "eatin' your own fuckin's" and is thought to be de rigeur among perverts of Western Europe and the Southeastern United States.
"Mary and I had a foursome the other night with Jim and Bettysue". "I saw ol' Jim eat his own fuckin's and then after we switched partners he ate mine too".
by Haywould Jablowme September 23, 2007
15 4
1.Used to emphasize a word or phrase.
2.Can be also project different emotions.
3.Can be inserted between words or syllables.
4.Possibilities are endless.
O Fuckin' K, U Fuckin' S of A, all Fuckin' right, Semper Fuckin' Fi, Booty Fuckin' licious, Dyno fuckin' mite ect.
by Psycho Brutus December 22, 2011
19 9
Any stain associated with a sexual activity typically constituting a mix of semen and vaginal juices.
"Hey Rob, whats that on the front of your shirt?" "Oh, that would be my fuckins from last night."
by Rob "Tipsy" Z. December 04, 2008
9 5