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An Australian term used in times of great frustration, annoyance, dispair or surprise. Used in occasions where the simple term Fuck is not expressive enough.
You are three quarters the way through an assignment that’s due in a few hours, and you have a power failure and lose your entire assignment. "Fuck My Dog" (dispair)
You are at a bar and accidentally spill your vodka and cranberry drink down the front of your silky white top "Fuck My Dog"(annoyance)
You are challenging your mate to a video game duel and you get beaten for the sixth time in a row, and it’s a close one. "Fuck My Dog" (frustration)
You see unbelievable girl in the street and her boob accidentally pops out of her dress exposing her bare breast. "Fuck My Dog" (suprise)
by AndyOG April 02, 2008
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