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2 definitions by Californian

The undisputed greatest city in the world. Not a collection of suburbs. The smog has severely depleted over the past few years and most other cities in the US can't hold a candle to it. Perfect weather everyday, beautiful skyscrapers and a very eclectic mixture of people. LA is the greatest place in the world and those that complain have either never set foot in it or are envious due to the lackluster city that they live in!
Movies are filmed here.
Amazing beaches.
Great people.
Immense culture.
A city to make you proud to be an American.
by Californian December 13, 2003
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What people say when they realize how much they wished they live in California.

Used by non-californians when jealousy turns to anger
Californian: Man we had 75 degree weather in November, sunny skies. Perfect Weather. Couldn't get better than this
Shivering non-californian: Man, fuck california
by Californian December 11, 2005
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