When a guy blows his load on a girls face (specifically on the upper lip) and it drips down on either side of the girl's mouth.
Did you see that guy blast on that chick's face?

He totally "fu man chu - ed" her
by sperm donorz January 30, 2011
A sloppy fart where poo drips down both your butt cheeks and forms the shape of the traditional, iconic mustache.
Jenny had to jump into the shower to clean the embarrassing remnants of the fu manchu she had let slip earlier that day.
by nol e. owns October 15, 2009
Referencing the style of mustache, a Fu Manchu is a very foolish person.
"Why would you do that? You're such a Fu Manchu!"

"That, my freind, is a Fu Manchu maneuver."
by Jerot February 10, 2009

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