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A time period that lags behind real time; that is created by letting the tivo build up enough to skip commercials.
Jim watches all the Raiders games in a tivo timezone. He turns his phone off to avoid any spoiler alert texts.
by NCdubmixer January 04, 2010
The hair that grows on a woman's thighs when she gets lazy and stops shaving her legs above the knees.
We only dated for a few weeks when she started growin' chewy shorts.
by NCdubmixer July 22, 2009
Having to kiss someone's ass so much that it becomes a show in itself. This was a bit on the Adam Carolla KLSX radio show.
Everyone disagreed, but to keep their jobs they all played ass kiss rodeo to make him happy until he left the meeting.
by NCdubmixer July 22, 2009
The mess left behind on a kid's face when eating a frozen treat too slowly.
Lil J was having so much fun w/ her fudgesicle she ended up w/ a fudgesicle fu manchu before she finished.
by NCdubmixer August 17, 2009
The hair that grows on a woman's thighs when she gets lazy and only starts shaving her legs to right above the knee.
A few months after I started seein' her, she got lazy with the razor and came at me w/ chew-boxers.
by NCdubmixer July 24, 2009
When a MILF gets a haircut that looks like a fancy dessert or two toned goalie's helmet.
She got her wig busted and it looked like a Kate+8. Sculpted, tall, blonde and brown ... all it needed was peanuts and a long red spoon.
by NCdubmixer August 17, 2009
A horrible meal that is the result of a massacre in the kitchen.
His mother cooked Thanksgiving dinner, it was a culinary columbine.
by NCdubmixer November 21, 2009
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