When someone is being a real dick fased apple tosser
fuck u bitch u r real frunky today
by Joey fresh May 31, 2003
Top Definition
A combination of the words funky, crunk, and drunk.
We are going to the club tonight, we are getting frunky!

This weekend I got really frunky, it was awesome.

by Marisela B. November 10, 2008
A mixture of the words Freaky and Funky. A word to describe a weird style, e.g costume choice, music video etc.
Dude, that guys costume is frunky!
Did you see - new music video? It's frunky!
by Netkin December 21, 2015
An imaginary animal that is a frog and a monkey combined, dances alot.
"Dude did you see those Frunkies dance"
"Yo Frunkies are 'do fro'sizzle!"
by stan n May 04, 2005
Obviously the crossing of the two words funky and rank therefore becoming the word frunky meaning the wearing of potatoes used as an button on pants such as jeans and average slacks and which was once a very fashionable accessory in the 90s. I for one remember myself wearing them with my fluro parachute pants.
Dude 1: Dude, those frunkys are radical!

Dude 2: Yeah man, I know... say can I borrow one of your frunkys? I want to impress a girl...

Dude 1: Yeah, sure! Just pin it away from your balls. They're a danger, those frunkys. Here you can wear Mr.Frunky Brown...

Dude 2: Yeah thanks dude, I know what you mean, my biggest frunky was still really raw and man did it hurt when I walked..

Dude 1: Yeah, dude..return Mr.Frunky Brown safe and sound ok...

Dude 2: Ok..no problemo..
by beatrice mongooberaticock & m_sweet September 29, 2005
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