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1. To be angry or sad.
2. To have the sudden urge to fornicate (See Definition) against a door.
1. Why do you have to be frumtious, Billy?
2. Hey baby... Let's get frumtious!
by Hugh Jass July 23, 2003
To be mentally disabled as a result of years of continued drug abuse. Verb, to frump (frumped, frumping)
Sol- Goddammit Cori. How the fuck did you loose your keys inside the fucking car? Did you just inhale a whole case of airduster or something you tweaker?
Cori- Don't blame me. We both know I'm frumptious as can be.
Lucy- Why did we even let him drive in the first place?
Sage- I guess we were to busy getting frumped ourselves...
by soloyo November 20, 2013
A chunky girl who thinks she is super sexy
"You should get that girls number she was frumptious"
by ash1313 October 25, 2011