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One who is attracted to sometimes pleasant or delightful, but more often an overly confidant, obnoxiously dressed, rotund woman. Perhaps the worst of all diseases, these men rarely live into their 30s. Characterized by their beer-goggles and the “I hope I don’t run into someone I know” expression on their face, these men hang out late at night in dark smoky bars long distances from their home.

Many Frumpaholics succumb to their disease after waking the next morning. Being horrified by what they see, these men will chew off their own arm in an effort to escape without waking the Frump.
Hi, my name is Bob and I'm a Frumpaholic. Group reply, "Hi Bob!"
by Davy February 07, 2004
A persom who is obsessed with being frumpy. They walk around with their heads down and wishing they were tanned.
Donk! "Man I wish I was tanned"
by julia June 30, 2004
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