The Emo scene trademark. Also look for girl pants on guys, cheap Buddy Holly style glasses. They are usually worn by short middle-class white boys, who are pale and very effeminate.
"Look at that emo-fag!"

"Yeah! What a shitty Frullet!"
by Baron Crane July 29, 2006
an afro and a mullet combined
check out billy bobs frullet
by jack mehoff July 07, 2003
A big gaping patch of hair hanging over the face- see simon williamson
SIMON, im gonna cut that frullet off tonight
by Anonymous August 09, 2003
The afro and mullet hairstyles combinded into one hairstyle.
Hey frullet man hows the hair doin.
by timmy1435 October 07, 2007
it is a curly mullet.
Me: yo Shanelle do you remember Ian Zearing's hairdo??

Shanelle: yeah that was a FRULLET.
by Neil M. February 05, 2005

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