Slang for a gay persons ball-sack.
Rory you better stay away from that dude or he'll whip out his fruity pebbles on you...
by The Man Carter January 11, 2005
Top Definition
Nice sized weed buds.
I'm a Pan Handler, so i'll hook you up with a dime with extra Fruity Pebbles.
by Hakim Lewis June 07, 2005
A vegan's droppings.
I ate a bag of dried bananas, some apples and a few grapes and left some fruity pebbles in the my ex's toilet.
by ceresdeetienne October 30, 2013
the result of shoving ur left ball into yogurt sticking it in sprinkles and feeding it to ur partner as to satisfy her hunger
OH CRAP BOY that was an awesome fruity pebble!!!! i want more in the morning
by goddarnflippinman January 15, 2010
The taste you get when you eat 2 regular potato chips and 1 gummy worm at the same time
Dude, I just ate a potato chip and a gummy worm at the same time and it tastes like fruity pebbles!
by Highrocks September 23, 2010
Slang for a gay guys balls
Fruity pebbles are the only cereal i ever eat ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
by Accepting_Who_I_Am April 30, 2016
aka asco bc hes fred flintstone
1: hey who do you have for gym?
2: i think i got that fruity pebbles guy this year!
1: bummer
by Joe1325x June 12, 2008
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