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A competition when two people stick a bunch of fruit loops up their ass and then fart them out to see how far they can shoot the fruit loops
Yeah! I heard that she's the best person at Fruit Looping ever!!!
by Vivian12345 March 02, 2011
After a bad night of sex with your girl, make her a bowl of fruit loops. Instead of filling the whole bowl with milk, fill half of it with skeet. Then sit and watch her, while laughing.
Dude, she gave me the worst sex tonight, so tomorrow I'm totally fruit looping the bitch.
by tucancum August 19, 2007
When two dudes touch assholes.
I totally caught Paul and Steve fruit looping last night. It was weird.
by Fruitlooper February 13, 2011
verb. To fruit loop is to foot rape. Foot raping is simply the act of placing one's foot on someone else against their will, usually due to a fear of feet.
Haha, melanie just got totally fruit-looped!
by White Chedda April 03, 2005

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