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The sound that gnomes or extremely short people make, when they move really fast. A very disturbing sound for the man of average height, since he doesn't move as fast and can't predict if or when the gnome will attack.
Man walks alone on street, sees a gnome.

MAN (to himself): Shit a gnome.....
Turns around.
MAN (to himself): Puh, it didn't see me.
by J la Dre November 28, 2011
1. Forma de nombrarle a la mariguana cuando no puedes decir su nombre.
2. De uso para nombrar cualquier cosa; suena chistoso.
1. ¿Entonces que roio?, vamos por el frrr ¿o que?.
2. Venimos de jugar futbolfrrr, vamos por unas caguamafrrrs ¿vienes?
by steve February 14, 2005