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(noun) More than a friend, less than a spouse. A non gender-specific single word term for a significant other; just as "spouse" is the non gender-specific term for husband or wife.
This is useful when a guy and girl are talking about their respective significant others.

Example: "I can't believe our frouses went to the same high school."
by Snowmarch March 08, 2011
Short for 'free house'.
There can be levels of frouse, ie. if parents are only out for the evenin or if pets and/or siblings are home, it is only a semi-frouse.

If a party is being held at the frouse, this is referred to as a frouse party.
Person 1: Max has a frouse tonight so he's having a frouse party. Are you going?

Person 2: Nah I'm not going because it's only a semi-frouse, his parents are coming home at 11.
by dafrouse August 06, 2011