The original originator of everything on, froots has become legend on all internet forums. He is mysteriously absent these days, although there are some who claim to be him. The word was introduced by 'Misfired_Skoda', and introduced to the infamous 'froots' by a certain 'thegerrid'. RIP froots
I heard that a friend of a friend of a guy who was there when froots touched Merm on his 5yearold be-hind died last week
by thegerrid August 02, 2004
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It can mean multiple things but its mainly used to describe something cool.
"you read Chris Jericho's new book undisputed?"
"yea it was pretty froot"

"look at the ass on that girl"
"damn that shit is froot"

"bro have you checked out the dirty heads"
"yea there fucking froot broski"
by Ebin Hennigan April 20, 2011
awesome, cool

Used by Chris Jericho in his book Undisputed.
Those rainbow suspenders are froot.
by Showni May 11, 2011
Friends that root and dont get emotionally attached, another term for a fuck buddy.
`he and her are just froots.
by hania November 19, 2005
Scott Leonard or any other random people that Scott and I happen to be referring to. See froothead.
What are those froots over there doing?
by Anthony Coon October 03, 2003
(n) brightly-colored chemical sweetners used to simulate fruit but legally forbidden by the FDA to be labeled as such

(adj) flavored with froot
Without looking, it's easier to guess the color of an M&M than the color of a Froot Loop.
by BeardedFatass April 05, 2004
Lesbian, a lady who likes ladies.
"Look at that couple of froots over there"
"Everyone knows Ellen is a froot"
by Lindiana January 18, 2007

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