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Someone who sucks at Video Games even though they have been playing for quite some time.

A noob is someone who sucks because they are new to the game. A Frooblet is someone who just sucks. Period.

My friend is a total Frooblet at Call of duty 4. He owns the game and has been playing for 2 months but he still sucks ass.
by MOTHER @#$%%$R October 01, 2008
A Frooblet is a Fruity Nooblet. Pretty much the same as a Froob (Fruity Noob) but used more as an insult towards a group of people.
Your all frooblets ...
Hush! My code is better than yours, stop being such frooblets!
by ImagineAWorld November 30, 2004
A new, F2P, noob. A combination of free, noob, and the suffix let.
There was a level 3 frooblet following me and asking questions. He was fucking annoying.
by JJ2 July 16, 2007