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The pony tail put up due to the sweaty nature of a fraternity party. The point where your hair is drenched with sweat and the best recovery is a high ponytail in order to give air to your neck.
Did you see that girl at the DKE party last night? She was drenched with sweat and in serious need of a frony.
by sdee94 August 28, 2013
male fans of the Disney movie Frozen
Dude, Brandon is such a frony that he wanted to name his group "Do You Want To Build a Snowman?" in English class.
by MsMlo May 01, 2014
Another word for the woman genitalia. Its abit like fanny but its not. Comes from a spelling error of the word front, which could stand for front bum.
Ethel had thursh and her frony was itchy, scabby and sore
by knicker bocker barry January 02, 2006
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