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The slang term used for a women giving vaginal birth. Often used by vial male nurses to describe the act of labor.
1. "Did you see that women in room 409? She frontpooped a fucking alien." 2. "I frontpooped my first three children, the last 12 were sliced out of me."3. "When I frontpooped my last child, his head was so big the doctor had to give me three extra stitches."
by Saheba February 01, 2012
2 0
When you're wearing extremely tight pants and you're erection looks like you took a shit and it went to the front of your pants.
me:Dude, my pants are so tight..

friend: yeah, just look at your Front Poop.
by July 23, 2011
27 8
When a male of any age is wearing extremely tight or sometimes loose pants, making the genital situation look like a big or small pile of,well, poop in the front.
Lisa-- Jordan is looking hot in his new outfit.

Janie--Yeah, I guess, if he didn't have a major case of front poop.
by Taylor TESK June 09, 2011
9 0
a front poop is a black mans dick since it resembles a turd coming out of the front of the body
your dick looks like a front poop
by icwatudidthur September 12, 2010
15 17