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A women who has been pregnant more than five times.
1."Gestationstation what's your frustration? More than likely the lack of your menstruation."
2."Gestationstation what's your frustration? Probably from the lack of your husband's masturbation."
3. "Thanks mom for birthing all 12 of us in the same generation, you're a regular gestationstation."
by Saheba March 09, 2012
The slang term used for a women giving vaginal birth. Often used by vial male nurses to describe the act of labor.
1. "Did you see that women in room 409? She frontpooped a fucking alien." 2. "I frontpooped my first three children, the last 12 were sliced out of me."3. "When I frontpooped my last child, his head was so big the doctor had to give me three extra stitches."
by Saheba February 01, 2012

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