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Frobruary is the new name for the month that succeeds January.

Formerly February, this month is known as the Black History Month.

Frobruary is a word, YES , but its also a movement that promotes natural hair and raises awareness around the identity issues related to hair in the black community.

the prefix ''fro'' refers to: '' of or connected with Africa ''

and the sufix ''ary'' a person who, a place where, a thing which, or pertaining to; connected with; having the character of
Yoo girl, Nice fro, do you rock that style all year 'round, or only during Frobruary ??

Hey Rasta, are you ready for Frobruary ?

Damn, its time to go natural, its freakin' Frobruary !!
by BerekYah et Xav Ier January 19, 2012
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