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Also called mayonaise or Mayo for short. A highly fat/egg based sause. Used on Burgers and fries in Holland (as well as other countries)
"pass me some frites sause please"
"Yes, i want mayo on my burger, please"
by Killy the Fox April 04, 2004
Created by poor french ppl from Lachine who cant afford cheese on their poutine.
Jean Guy had to buy frites sauce cuz hes a fucking pepper.
by Ouelette March 26, 2003
A lower class type of gravy. Used mostly in the lower areas of Quebec. Used often on fries to improve their taste.
Bein, Est-ce que je peux avoir du firtes-sauce, estie-tabarnaque? Translation: Can I have some frites-sauce please, french obsanities.
by Lesk November 30, 2003

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