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To put it simply, freshman hipster. Fr-deriving from freshman and -ipster-deriving from hipster. Any ninth grade student who thinks it's uber-cool to listen to indie bands and reject mainstream culture. Often wears mismatched clothing, parades around displaying their 'uniqueness'. Actually pretty cool when you get to know them. I was one.
I listen to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs... I'm such a fripster, but I love it.
by franzxferdinandxfan November 30, 2010
The unholy union of Frat Guy + Hipster. A meathead in a dork's clothing- a phenomenon that is unfortunately growing all the more common as "underground" fashions push their way to the surface and into the mainstream.
I laughed for days when I saw a fripster run a stoplight get hit by car while riding his new fixed gear. Maybe he'll put a brake on it when he gets out of the hospital.
by Bobby Salsa September 20, 2008
An overpriveleged, conservative asshole whose early-twenties "rebellious stage" entails but is not limited to: hard drug experimentation, attempts to participate in the indie/electronic scene, and pretending to tolerate people of different ethnicities, views, and sexual orientations.
Was that Range Rover blasting an Arcade Fire song? Must be another fucking fripster.

I saw some kids in pink polos doing ecstacy at that show last night. Fripsters are ruining this town's music scene.
by blue eggs May 13, 2010
A duchebag who cant decide if he is fratty or a hipster. Either dresses fratty and listens to indie music or is really a hipster, but thinks he is a "Fratstar"
That douche is a total fripster, he doesnt even know what he is.
by Jack theR ipper March 23, 2010