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The state of being Friends-With-Benefits-Zoned (or FWB-Zoned) is being in a relationship with someone who has sex with you but only considers you a 'friend'. (The Friend-With-Benefit-Zoner usually has boundary issues and tends to be manipulative and self-centered.. using sex to keep you infatuated with them get you to buy them stuff and give them rides because they never have a car/licence).

The FWB-zoner wants you to treat him/her like a boyfriend/girlfriend (by driving them places, answering their calls at 1 am) while giving you no special treatment at all and doing none of these things for you.

The person who is being FWB-Zoned is usually hopelessly in love with the person who is zoning them and is in denial that the person zoning them will eventually want to be in relationship with them if they continue to do whatever they ask... (i.e. give them money and rides)

FWB-Zoners are seasoned professionals analogous to vampires who have been feeding on humans for centuries.

Males with little to no relationship experience or Males who are blinded by love are the two most common victims of being Friends-With-Benefits-Zoned.
Guy 1: Hey look at Nick paying for Jenny's lunch again..

Guy 2: Wow she has him so whipped.

Guy 1: I thought she was still dating that college Guy.

Guy 2: She is, but she only gets to see him when he's on break so she uses Nick for attention while her boyfriend is gone because she know's he's been crushing on her since like 8th grade.

Guy 1: Damn Dude.. That's screwed up. Why is Nick still fucking her and buying her shit?

Guy 2: Poor guy thinks that if he treats her nice and buys her stuff that She'll dump the college guy and be with him.. even though Jenny and everybody else knows that's never gonna happen. He's totally Friends-With-Benefits-Zoned.

Guy 1: What a loser.
by exprodingubebe January 06, 2013
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