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Friendnesia is when you don't remember or recognize the person who has sent you a friend request on Facebook.
Jack: "Hey Jill, do you know who Little Boy Blue is?"

Jill: "No, Jack. I don't think I've ever heard of him. Why?"

Jack: "Well, he just sent me a friend request and I don't remember him or recognize him from his picture."

Jill: "Ah, a case of friendnesia, eh? I get that sometimes too."
#facebook #friend #amnesia #memory #friend request #forget #random friending
by Word Johnson November 10, 2011
A person who forgets their friends for various reasons, eg, they have a new friend, new girlfriend, new activity etc.
We've been friends for so long and because of this girl you get friendnesia on me??

That guy has friendnesia, he has ditched his friends for good.
#friends #amnesia #forget friends #friendnesia #forgetting friends
by mrlonely November 28, 2010
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