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Feeling pressured to add someone who you typically would not on any social networking site due to association with someone who is a friend of yours. (ie. Your friend's boyfriend/girlfriend, your friend's friend that you don't like, etc).
Person 1: Hey man, I saw you added Sheena on facebook, I thought you hated her?

Person 2: Aah man, I was put in friendlock because my buddy just started going out with her!
by thesomnambulist_28992 February 19, 2011
n. The situation in which a man waits too long to ask a girl out and she moves on to another guy, putting him in an immoveable friendship. This situation is almost always permanent.
J- "Hey man you've been looking upset lately. Did something happen with Katie?'

T- "No man, and that's the problem. I'm on friend lock!"
by Rock-ME-Hardplace March 06, 2010
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