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A word that describes the situation you're in when 2+ of your friends are together, but they don't know each other or can't stand each other's guts, resulting in an awkward night or unexpected drama or a plethora of eerily silent moments.
1. It's saturday night. You call Friend A to hang out. Two hours later, they haven't answered, so you call Friend B to come over. Well, Friend A and Friend B don't get along and / or don't know each other, and if Friend A suddenly decides to accept an invite, and Friend B is coming also, well. You're screwed, and just experienced a friendclash.

2. Arabella : Hey, Morgan. Are you coming over ?

Morgan : Yeahh man !

Arabella : Sweet. Oh, and Kelsey is coming, too.

Morgan : Oh...I don't really know her that well.

I think she's going out with my ex.

Arabella : Well. That's unfortunate. Holy shit, friendclash.
by Duck Duck Esophagus December 20, 2009
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