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On Myspace or Facebook, to go onto another persons page in order to friend thier friends, with no intention of adding the original person as a friend
"I don't really want to be friends with my sister on facebook, but she has a lot of people I know, so I friend farmed her."

"Wow, you two aren't friends on here, but you have almost identical friend lists!"
"She's probably a friend farmer"

"He asked for my myspace link, but he never friended me"
"You just got friend farmed!"
by Kiddlemidd August 04, 2009
(N) – When two {Friend Mine}s unite in marriage to create a large resource of friends.
When Jason and Heather got married, the joining of their friend mines created a friend farm for upfriending.
by gambler325 June 16, 2016
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