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To reproduce like rabbits. Everyone knows of at least one family that is continuously having children and therefore must be referred to as a Friedlander family.
White: Yo Dunning, I went to Hudson Street to check out a rotating Christmas tree and that family got all Friedlander! There was like two new ones!
Dunning: I hear ya man. I can't keep track of their names anymore! Last time I was there I overheard them saying something about using solar power for their house to save on energy costs.
White: I'm not surprised. That Friedlander family must use a lot of electricity with all those children!

White: That whole family is in the Navy. Since they went all Friedlander there's enough of them that they could crew their own destroyer!
Dunning: Yo watch out, bad idea! Don't put a Friedlander family anywhere near weapons!
by Eric N. White May 15, 2011
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