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To sluff off toward the end of the work week due to thoughts of the impending weekend. Often involves being unproductive or procrastination of tasks that could have been done Friday afternoon until Monday.
I really tried to finish up that report for Monday, but I came down with a bad case of Friday Fever and ended up Googling myself all afternoon.
by Scott269 February 21, 2008
In business, the trend toward unloading urgent, important, or priority work on unsuspecting plebians in the dying hours of the working week.
Friday 3.48pm, onset of 'Friday Fever'
Superior:- 'Yo pleb, is that piece of work that supports Monday's presentation finished yet?'
Pleb:- 'What work..., what presentation?'
Superior:- 'Oh, here's a (draft) brief, you'll be right to have that done ASAP right?'
by heartattackandvine May 03, 2007

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