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Refers to a moment in which you hear or read something incorrectly, thus interpreting it as a dirty or sexual statement.
My brother in law had just finished from a long night of driving and arrived at my mom's house when we were watching the news. Recently, a small child had drowned in his family pool, so the news was doing a lot of stories on pool safety - showing children running around pools and playing under the watchful eyes of their parents. Mike glanced at the screen, took a moment, and started laughing. Wondering why he was laughing at a story of drowning children, we asked what was so funny. The title of the story was "Pool Dangers" and yet my fatigued bro-in-law was wondering why images of children would accompany the words "Pole Dancers" that he mistakenly read. This is a Freudian Grab.
by Jezthesiren August 07, 2008
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