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Stressing over or adding passive-aggressive communication disguised as "fetishes" or status updates on the BDSM social network site called Fetlife.
An example of Fretlifing:

BDSMMaster is into watching "others tell lies for sympathy" when he actually should tell Person X that telling lies for sympathy is dishonest and pathetic.

Meanwhile, Persons A, C, and D each wonders if it is about them, and ten other people wonder if it is about a rumour they heard about BDSMMaster and Person K.

Persons A, C, and D are Fretlifing, BDSMMaster is indirect and does not get message to intended audience, Person X is still telling lies for sympathy, and everyone gossips about Person K.
#fetlife #passive-aggressive #fretlife #social networking #fetish
by jacintha January 02, 2011
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