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Freshamnity is the innocent and unmatured state of being a freshmen in highschool. All throughout freshmen year these kids keep their freshmanity by being stupid, goofy, and ignorant. They only become mature when they feel they are ready to lose their freshmanity (usually the day after school ends or sometime over the summer). Some freshmen become pressured into this event before they are ready. On rare occasions a freshmen is so immature that they don't lose it until senior year.
Jimmy-"Dude I can't believe freshmen year is over already!"

Carl-"I know! What are you planning to do over the summer?"

Jimmy-"play a bunch of Halo and maybe even lose..*ahem* something.. ;)

Carl: "ahaha me too man, I can't wait to lose my freshmanity!"
by dizzydreamr June 10, 2010
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